Dmitry Sinkovsky . Direction, violin and vocals
N. N. . soprano


Johann Christian Bach
Symphony G minor op. 6/6

Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto No. 2 in E minor, op. 11 for violin, string orchestra and basso continuo RV 277 "Il Favorito"

George Frideric Handel
"Vivo in te", Duo from the opera "Tamerlano"  

George Frideric Handel
Duo Clotilde and Adolfo "Caro, Cara, tu mi accendi nel mio core" from the opera "Faramondo"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Recitative and aria for soprano and orchestra "Ah, lo Previdi" KV 272

Symphony from Joseph Haydn or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


17 strings + 5 winds + 1 harpsichord + soloist + conductor

Dmitry Sinkovsky is one of the stars of historical performance practice. No wonder, he corresponds to the baroque ideal of a comprehensive artist and celebrates outstanding successes as a violinist, singer and conductor. This is also the case in this varied program, which has been tailored to him and the SKO. What can you expect from it? The audience can hardly get out of the Ahs and Ohs ...


We offer this program from March 8 - 14, 2024

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