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„Leadership and the art of orchestra conducting”


A lecture to convey the theoretical principles of the key leadership theories and of non-verbal communication. Sharing ideas and experiences, and examples from actual practice. Support through written handouts and a diverse range of other materials. Practical exercises on the theme of conducting as preparation for the practice section. First application of the knowledge gained in the practice section as the conductor of the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra. In parallel to this, leadership coaching and immediate feedback from the orchestra. Learning by observing the other seminar participants and the reaction of the musicians from a seat within the orchestra. Final feedback session and evaluation.


The half-day workshop begins at 1 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m.

Introduction to leadership theory and non-verbal communication

Basics of conducting

Practical exercises (with piano)


Practical session with orchestra 1


Practical session with orchestra 2

Reflection and feedback for participants