“It is certainly not the goal of music education to create new musicians, but rather to give children and young people the courage to try new things and, in doing so, to become open to many different worlds through the little impulses that are created …” (Dorothea Knell, Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra musician).


We are delighted that our educational work has been accepted into the programme “Excellent Orchestra Landscape of Germany” run by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, meaning that we can now expand our provision in many respects.


Katharina Gerhard und Ulrike Stortz

Education Program


Music and puppetry

The aim of this newly conceived project is to enable pre-school children aged between three and six years old – regardless of social background – to come into contact with music at a young age. Using artistic sensitivity and on the basis of previous teaching experience, a playful approach will be taken to form connections between music, art and the children’s own experiences. Through their own creative input (singing, experimenting with instruments and everyday objects, movement and artistic work), the children will be prepared over a relatively long period of time in their pre-school for a visit to the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra that will be specially tailored to their needs. Organised in collaboration with the State University for Music and the Performing Arts in Stuttgart (Elementary Music Education) and the FITZ! Centre for Puppetry in Stuttgart.


Music and school

In an informal atmosphere, school classes, school orchestras and youth orchestras will have the opportunity to witness the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra in rehearsal at first hand, and to talk to some of the musicians in person and get to know them and their instruments. The planning and preparation of this format, which will be tailored to individual groups and classes, will be individually coordinated in line with the needs of the group in question, meaning that all types of group can be well catered for – groups of gifted children, primary school classes, children with learning difficulties, and preparatory classes. And, because going to an evening concert can often be an experience that makes a big impression on schoolchildren, we have organised a special allocation of tickets for schoolchildren for the SKO-Sternstunden concert series.


Music and language

In the course of the 2018/19 school year, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra is inviting children to take part in an artistic project which involves the ears, the heart, the brain, the voice and language. School groups from Year 4 upwards who are interested in participating are being given the opportunity to gain some basic insights into the commonalities and the differences between language and music. In this collaboration, the stage poet and word activist Timo Brunke digs deep into his stock of tried and tested language games and methods. Classical music becomes a space for experiences in which the instruments that are slumbering within us – language and voice – start to resound, rap, slam and tell stories.


Music and mentoring

Since the summer of 2015, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra has been enjoying an inspiring friendship with the Youth String Orchestra of Weil im Schönbuch, and this friendship was sealed in March 2017 with a certificate from the tutti pro orchestra mentoring scheme which is organised by the Association of German Orchestras and Jeunesses Musicales Germany. Regular visits to rehearsals, opportunities to rehearse together, coaching by the musicians of the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, and joint performances have all become everyday occurrences for the two orchestras.


Music and the world

SKOhr-Labor on tour – when the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra goes on tour, collaborations are organised wherever possible with educational establishments in the local areas, such as those in Nepal in 2018 and on the tour of India in 2019 in Bangalore and Mumbai.