Album-release: #3 Bartók / Adams

Album-Release: #3 Bartók / Adams

Explosive combination: Third album for SKO records

Béla Bartók and John Adams – the Stuttgarter Kammerorchester chooses an unusual pairing for the third release of its own label. Here, the orchestra and principal conductor Thomas Zehetmair make full use of one of their greatest strengths: pushing the envelope creatively. In Bartók‘s Divertimento for string orchestra, the folk motifs dance dangerously close to the abyss. The contrasts between optimism and foreboding of doom are strikingly worked out – Bartók composed the piece in the summer of 1939. In John Adams‘s „Shaker Loops“ the extremes oscillate between lucid pauses and rousing outbursts. The fact that this popular work of „minimal music“ is not so minimal at all, but contains complex arcs of tension and turns, becomes impressively audible in this recording.

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#3 Bartók / Adams

Stuttgarter Kammerorchester
Thomas Zehetmair . Conductor

10 Nov 2023 (SKO records)

Available in stores (as CD & LP) and on all streaming channels.

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