Two Roses


A man looks into the camera and holds out his double bass to the viewer
Avishai Cohen © Andreas Terlaak


Avishai Cohen Trio
Avishai Cohen . double bass & vocals
Guy Moskovich . piano
Roni Kaspi . drums
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester


Avishai Cohen
Songs and arrangements:
Almah sleeping / Alon Basela / Arab Medley / Dreaming of Dreams / Hayo Hayta / Mendell’s Song and more …


17 strings + Trio (bass, piano, drums)

Avishai Cohen and the SKO know and appreciate each other. His melodious, rhythmically intricate songs, his characteristic voice and the SKO‘s groove have been a source of cheers in the past. In the future, too.


July 11–19, 2026
If you would prefer a different date, please contact us.

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